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Press Release 3-23-18

Celebrating Our Phenomenal Social Workers

When one thinks of the month of March, many things may come to mind. Whether it’s the color green, specific sports, the anticipation of spring and flowers, or even four-leaf clovers, many don’t know about another important recognition for March. It is also National Social Worker’s Month. Here at Hospice With Grace we are fortunate to have two of the industry’s most phenomenal social workers.

Beth Fortier and Kim Valentine play an integral role in the hospice circle of care. They help our patients, and their families, with emotional and spiritual needs, as well as, a holistic approach towards meeting the needs presented during the end-of-life journey.

Our social workers seek to impact not only the lives of our patients and family, but are also available to provide resources to the public sector that can enhance their individual and collective well-being. Our social workers are available to help the public, through speaking engagements, consultations and bereavement service that will maximize use of available resources within their own community supports.

Join us in celebrating social workers for the amazing work they do!